Storytelling and environmental crafts and activities

“We have all grown up with the notion that more is better; that if it breaks, we replace it with something new; that there is an endless supply of whatever we need. These ideas are no longer viable, and we need to bring up our children more environmental aware habits and attitudes.”

In Earthwise- Environmental Crafts and activities with young children, Carol Petrash


We have been adding more love into beeswax modelling.

We already mix our own beeswax to mold.

Experiences at Baan Unrak - Thailand.

Teacher´s Training at Baan Unrak - Thailand.

Workshop in Centro Ambiental da Pena - Portugal

It´s easy and fun to play with.

A verse for Grade 1

Hens at the Dish
"Peck, peck, peck, Peck, peck, peck,
The hens in the yard go Peck, peck, peck.
First one, second one, Third one, fourth one,
Pecking round the dish Till the grain’s all gone."
Paul King

Winter is coming...

Finger puppets

Ready to play anywhere, anytime... they fit a finger and have a million things to share.

We like to create them with what materials we can find... depending on the place we are, the season, the moment inspiration!